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5 Eco-friendly Home Improvements To Help You Save Money On Winter

Baltimore’s coldest days take place in January and February. Improving your home to protect it from the cold seems the best way to begin the year. And why not keep sustainability in mind while doing it? Reducing the impact on the environment can save you money. This blog will tell you how to make Eco-friendly home improvements to help you save money in winter.

1. Insulate your Home

The easiest way to maintain your home temperature without depending totally on your HVAC is with insulation. In principle, the goal is to keep the warm air inside your home separated from the cold air outside, which could be difficult without proper insulation. You could add an extra layer on the roof or attic, places that commonly let the cold wind in. The material you choose will depend on your home’s necessities. Still, we recommend searching for an environment-friendly material like cellulose insulation, made mainly of recycled newsprint, or denim insulation, made from cotton.

2. Upgrade your old lightbulbs

The newer LED or CFL light bulbs have a better quality of energy efficiency than older light bulbs. Maybe you are still using old light bulbs in some part of your home? You should consider changing them. Even if LED or CFL lights may seem more expensive, they will end up paying for themselves with the savings on your electricity bill. If you are not entirely convinced that this is a green choice, let us tell you that an LED light bulb could last 8 to 25 more times than a halogen fluorescent light bulb.

3. Let technology help you

There are so many new systems that could help you go eco-friendly. You don’t need to have a full smart home to take advantage of the technology. You can make improvements by installing a solar panel for cleaner energy, using an automatic or intelligent thermostat, installing automatic lights, etc. The implementations will depend on the necessities of your home. Don’t be afraid of trying new technology.

4. Give maintenance to your HVAC System

Maintaining the home warm while keeping the bill down is a job an old HVAC system can’t do. That doesn’t mean you have to get brand new hardware, but hiring a professional for regular maintenance of your HVAC system will be a money-saver in the end. If the last check-up was more than a year ago, you need to call the technician. Cleaning the filters, ducts, and vents will help the system maintain optimal performance while consuming less energy. Your pocketbook and the environment will thank you.

5. Make your routine eco-friendly

This tip is focused on getting through the cold months and saving money with sustainability without giving up comfort. The trick is lowering the thermostat temperature. Small changes will have a considerable impact on your bills, and you may not even notice the temperature change. Some air conditioning alternatives could be turning down your air conditioner while you are at work or keeping your blinds and curtains closed to keep the heat inside your home. Every small change that lets you reduce energy consumption will sum up to make a significant impact.

These were money-saving home improvements to keep your home from the cold and wet Baltimore winters. Living in a clean environment will get you in the right mindset for this year’s beginning. If you need to clean your home, Kelly Green Club could help you. 95% of our products are Eco-Friendly and Green Certified. Here you can book our green cleaning services.

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