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7 Tips for Cleaning Up After the Holidays


I know for many cleaning is not at the top of the wish list, definitely not around the holidays. But, it is a great way to begin a fresh new year.

With all our helpful tips for cleaning after the holidays, you will have fresh, clean spaces waiting for the New Year to come.It’s holiday party season, which means plenty of togetherness with family and friends. But for party hosts, it also means a lot of messiness to clean up after the guests have gone! Give your home a fresh start in time for the new year – or maybe just your next party – with easy holiday cleaning tips!

Clean up after your party quickly by

  1. Collecting holiday cards. Go through the cards you got in the mail, and make a list of who sent them to you. Use this as a thank-you list or the start to your Christmas card list for next year. Then recycle cute cards by cutting the images, attaching string and using them as free gift tags. Throw the ones you don’t want in the recycling bin, and your after-party cleaning will be well underway.
  2. Cleaning the guest bedroom. Wash the bed sheets in warm or hot water with a capful of white vinegar to ensure they are fresh. While sheets are in the dryer, use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean the mattress thoroughly, paying special attention to the seams. Replace the bedding, and fluff the pillows to make your next guests comfortable.
  3. Taking down those lights. When you do, you’ll save yourself time next year if you put them away using one simple trick: wrap strings of lights around a piece of cardboard or a paper towel tube to keep them organized and easy to unravel next season. This also keeps you from being the neighbor who still has strings of outdoor Christmas lights up on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Coordinating Christmas tree take-down and curbside pick-up. When is your trash pickup service collecting Christmas trees? Find out so you can get your tree curbside in accordance with the collection times. It’s easier to clean up after your party if you don’t have to worry about pine needles spreading through the house.
  5. Got one? give one! For every new item you received as a gift, give another away. Two new scarves from grandma? Give two away and help a family in need stay warm. Santa brought more toys than you can even store? Donations galore! Pack it all up and take them to your nearest donation center. You’ll clear up some room while helping those in need.
  6. Recondition your dining table. The holiday season was hard on your dining table, and dry winter air leaves wood looking dull. It removes dust, fingerprints and smudges and also helps protect wood from everyday wear and tear.
  7. Deodorize pots and pans. If your cast-iron pan still smells like holiday dinner, pour some salt into it and use both halves of a cut lemon to rub the pan while squeezing the juice out. Let sit for about 5 minutes (too long will draw seasoning oils out). Wipe clean with a paper towel and follow with a coat of oil. Another method? Simply heat empty cast iron pans for 10 minutes in a 400-degree oven! For non-cast iron pots, baking soda does the deodorizing trick.

Are you worried about the cleanliness of your space?

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