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Best Practices For An Eco-friendly Christmas

There are many compelling reasons why most people are opting for an eco-friendly Christmas season. For one, it is a commitment to celebrate in an environmentally friendly way. You know how celebrations like Christmas can affect the environment. You don’t want to be part of the people leaving behind such a mess.

Besides, an eco-friendly celebration has another additional benefit – it significantly reduces your cleaning chores. Yes, it becomes easier and cheaper to clean after a green Christmas than with the normal, carefree way of holding these festivities.

But even with this info, it’s still essential to identify and utilize eco-friendly Christmas best practices. So if these are the tips you are looking for, you are in the right place. Consider the following.

Prepare Sufficient Meals

Although the holidays present an opportunity to prepare and indulge in many of your desired delicacies, this should not mean you have to buy more than what you’re family, and loved ones can take.

Excessive food means plenty of leftovers, which in turn means the leftovers will increase the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do after the celebrations, and it’s simply wasteful.

Of course, amid the COVID pandemic, it makes sense to avoid being wasteful; remember, the economy is not performing as it should. Any savings during this season will be a significant relief after the festivities.

Send E-cards

As much as possible, try to send – and ask your friends to send you – E-cards and emails instead of the traditional snail mail cards and letters. The latter option will only increase the amount of paper you have to handle after the celebrations are over.

What’s more, ecards and emails reduce your carbon footprint since they eliminate the fuel used to transport standard mail;

Use Eco-friendly Wrapping Paper

If you want to go green this Christmas, use eco-friendly wrapping paper. Ensure the wrappers you use are recyclable. Remember, there will be tons of wrapping paper around, and if it’s not recyclable or biodegradable, you know what harm it will do to the environment and the headaches it will give you when you try to dispose of it.

Go Outside

You don’t have to have all your celebrations at home or indoors. The authorities advise people to opt for outdoor activities; however, we mean here aren’t just fun activities in your home. 

You don’t have to travel far since your local neighborhood can present excellent outdoor locations and activities you and your loved ones can enjoy away from home. The good thing is if you go outside, you minimize the amount of post-Christmas cleaning chores. And of course, that cuts down your cleaning costs considerably.

Opt for a Real Christmas Tree instead of a Plastic Trees

A real Christmas tree has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the artificial trees commonly used for these celebrations.

Maintain High Standards of Hygiene throughout the Season

These are not the only eco-friendly Christmas alternatives available, but they suffice to give you some ideas of the best practices you can carry out. But most importantly, it’s vital to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene both at home and wherever else you go to celebrate.

COVID 19 viruses are known to survive on the surface for quite some time. The best way to get rid of them and enhance your family and guests’ safety is to have the home clean and disinfected. Hiring the services of a competent cleaning company like Kelly Green Club is the sure way to give your home that clean and safe environment.

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