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Five Tips for Recycling Bathroom Products

A bathroom recycling bin definitely encourages the practice.

Most of us are used to recycling at home, but in the bathroom? Not so much. However, your bathroom is home to a number of recyclable products.

The more you know about what’s recyclable, the easier it is to incorporate it into your daily routine.

  • Make your own recycling bin.

Moms believe that showing their kids how to place recyclable products in the appropriate bin is a teachable moment.

  • Get a bathroom recycling bin.

A majority of moms report they would be more likely to recycle bathroom products if they had a recycling bin in the room.

With a handy bin nearby, you’ll never have to think twice about recycling in the bathroom.

  • Get crafty.

For items that can’t be recycled, instead of tossing them, why not remake them into something special? how to creating luminaries out of moisturizer jars, vases out of makeup remover bottles.

  • Create friendly reminders.

Try leaving a framed note on your bathroom counter, to help remind you and your family and guests to recycle every day.

  • Involve your kids.

You can start by creating a recycling campaign that rewards kids with fun, when they remember to recycle in the bathroom.

By following these five simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to making bathroom recycling part of your family’s daily routine.

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