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Why Hire A Commercial Disinfecting Service? 4 Benefits For Businesses

At this stage of the pandemic, everyone knows the importance of a proper disinfecting session in the workplace. Protecting your employees and clients against COVID-19 is crucial during the New Normal, but is disinfecting a job that a professional should do? Or do your employees are capable of delivering the work well?

Besides protecting the health of your people, here are some significant benefits of commercial cleaning services. These highlights will help you decide if hiring a professional is the right choice for you.

1. Saves you time and energy

A professional commercial cleaning service should release you from stress and spare you from the routine chores that drain your energy. The truth is that well-executed sanitation involves much more work than just spraying and wiping. You have to use a different cloth for each area to avoid cross-contamination, make sure your disinfectants are EPA-certified, and wait the right amount of time to ensure the cleaning solution takes effect. The amount of all these small tasks can make this job a demanding one, and a professional should manage all those difficulties for you.

2. Reduce allergies to boost the immune system

Eliminating COVID-19 from the workplace is often the primary goal of any disinfecting service, but an important secondary goal is to eliminate allergens. Using efficient vacuum equipment and dusting properly over each surface and corner, we can reduce our employees’ allergies. But why? Because allergies can affect our immune system, we will be stronger to fight diseases by getting rid of them. So be sure your next professional service focuses on dusting and vacuuming.

3. It’s effective and customizable

You don’t need an exhaustive sanitation session in your business to stay safe. An effective service will focus on the high-touch surfaces, the ones which your employees frequently touch like doorknobs, light switches, faucets, and many more. This method is faster and as effective as any other, and of course, it has to be customizable depending on your number of rooms and types of furniture and appliances. Search for the right professional cleaner who can manage this attention to detail work.

4. Enhance your business image

Last but not least, any respectable business operating during the pandemic must have periodic sanitation. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you will take the extra mile and ensure your employees’ and clients’ safety. Even better, you can book a cleaning + disinfecting service and tidy up, dust, wipe, and polish your office for everyone to see. Because sometimes it isn’t enough to be clean; you have to look clean! This also enhances the motivation of your employees and can even raise your sales.

Either you are about to reopen for business or have been operating for months now but want professional help with your sanitation chores and book your service with Kelly Green Club. We cover all the benefits above in our disinfection services, focusing on high-touch surfaces, eliminating pathogens and allergens, and customizing according to your unique goals. Check more information on our website’s “services” section. You can even book online in just a matter of seconds.

Are you worried about the cleanliness of your space?

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