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Your Essential Guide To Choose The Best Cleaning Service To Prevent COVID-19

Slow and steady, everyone in Baltimore is returning to their new routines, and businesses are restarting some activities. We know that many people will struggle to keep their homes sanitized this fall now that we are more frequently outside. That’s why we updated our cleaning services and covered many disinfection needs. Keep reading this blog to learn your fall cleaning list to maintain your place safe and tidy, and look for these features in every professional cleaning you book.

Search for EPA-certified disinfectants

Sure, there are many commercial disinfectants in the market, but not all kill viruses like COVID-19. Disinfectants are usually very effective against common germs and bacteria, but to eliminate the menace that stopped the world months ago, you must look for EPA-certified products. At Kelly Green Club, we know the situation, and we added this certified disinfectant to our repertory. Our main goal is to protect the health of our clients. However, a bleach solution (5 tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water) or alcohol-based disinfectant (70% or more) will also get rid of it.

Book a high-touch point cleaning

To protect your family against viruses and germs, it’s much better to focus on the most-touched surfaces than to deep clean every corner of your home. Think about it: how many times you touch your ceiling fan or a framed picture on the wall? And how many times you touch the doorknob or the faucets? Those high-touch objects are frequently covered with germs and other pathogens, and effective disinfection will prevent your hands from getting infected. Our cleaning services include the sanitation of many positively touched surfaces like light switches, faucets, sinks, kitchen tables, doorknobs, keypads, TV controls, etc.

Cleaning first, sanitizing later

The best way to disinfect is to clean first and sanitize later. Once you clear the dust and dirt out of a surface, your disinfectant will have better results. Use water and soap to get rid of dirt and mess. Then dry with a clean cloth, and apply your certified disinfectant or bleach solution to the surfaces. Leave the liquid for a couple of minutes and then remove it with another clean cloth.

The importance of dusting and vacuuming

As many people suffer from allergies, dusting and vacuuming has become more important because those health issues can weaken the body’s natural defenses. Kelly Green Club focuses on cleaning before disinfecting, and by doing that, we take care of all the dust and dirt accumulated in your surfaces. Your immune system will be in better shape if you get rid of your allergens.

Protocols to avoid cross-contamination

Every professional cleaning company must follow strict protocols to avoid carrying germs and viruses from one surface to another, even to one house to another. Cross-contamination can be avoided by using the essential facemasks and gloves, disinfecting shoes, and using a color-coded cloth system to use different colors in each room. Kelly Green Club takes our clients’ safety very seriously, and we follow the preventive measures the best we can.

This fall home cleaning checklist has the essential features every cleaning company must cover to ensure safety and effectiveness. Apply them as tips if you want to clean yourself or ask your professional cleaner about it. If you want to book a cleaning service with us, enter the Kelly Green Club website.

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